May 27, 2016


Today I dream a day

That is no better than the last

And no worse than tomorrow

Today it is just right.


Who knows

Today I dream a day

Where the air is clean

And heavy with a warmth

That washes over my dirt sprinkled toes

That walk the streets

In my noisy heart-and-crime filled neighborhood

Where vendors share their goods and smile

And bikes go missing.

Today my neighbor down the stairs drew a picture

Of our house filled with three families

Stacked a top each other.

He, with his four years, 

Understands this place the best.

Layers of people in one house

Who share smiles and guard bicycles

And overhear each other’s madness 

And love. 

Today was hot and sticky

And perfect.

My dark fur covered best friend

Lounged and sweltered

And survived the sun drenched parking lot 

To get to the dog park

To play

Today I dreamt a day 

That was filled with all the things that make a day

Like any other day


Who knows

May 26, 2016


I want to wake up warm and barefoot
pad quietly into the world 
with clear eyes and excitement for a new day
surrounded by a family
not yet fully here
for whom my time comes first
as they begin their life that day
Me-able to give and take equally
support equally
all time, in all ways
Heart open
Brain sharp
Eyes clear
Body strong, 
with give
Here I am. 
Here we are.


Dec 10, 2012

And the season begins...

And the season begins...

Pirate Retrieved!

Pirate Retrieved!

Partner Yoga!

Partner Yoga!

Farming, Yoga, Plastic Pirates, and Hawaii. A Damn Good Fall.

Farming, Yoga, Plastic Pirates, and Hawaii. A Damn Good Fall.

...And now its Christmas!  

This fall was amazing.  Before taking off, I took on extra work at Appleton Farms in Ipswich, MA, kept plugging away at The Food Project, snuck in the final draft of an article for Kinfolk Magazine, filled as many kickstarter rewards as humanly possible and exerted a lot of energy getting my FoodCorps members ready for six weeks without me.  

Yoga Camp

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign (and all my wonderful backers), I was able to attend the White Lotus Foundation teaching training course in Santa Barbara, California. Under the tutelage of Ganga, Tracey and Sven, I spent 16 days with 30 fellow yogi students studying, practicing and thinking about nothing else but alignment, flow, anatomy and health.  Many sheets of paper were filled with stick figure drawings of sequences, salutations, and poses as we commited much information to memory.  We ate amazing food prepared by abstract artist and vegetarian chef Beatrix Rohlsen, and I dearly miss my morning walk up the canyon from my yurt to the center. 

The canyon was beautiful, our teachers were beautiful and each moment with my classmates was inspiring, perfect and amazing.  I always credit The Food Project with being the best at forming dynamic groups of people, but during my time at The White Lotus Foundation, it was clear that this non profit dedicated to perpetuating the study of yoga, also understands the ingredients to creating an atmosphere and space where incredible people gather in the spirit of productivity and purpose. Yoga camp was a time a place to remember, and my White Lotus friends remain close to my heart.


While I was visiting my brother and sister in law in Venice, CA and attending yoga teacher training, Bart was busy sailing from San Diego to Honolulu as part of a research team with the Sea Education Association.  This particular cruise was studying plastic distribution in the North Pacific Gyre. Its worth checking out their website just for the amazing photos and journal entries (  The experience has definitely made both of us keenly aware of where all that plastic actually ends up...

Bart sacrificed his hair to Neptune somewhere in the mid Pacific and when I met him at the dock in Honolulu I hardly recognized the shorn scientist disembarking the beautiful tall ship.  We had a great time exploring Oahu, Maui and Molokai and drifted between meeting up with old friends, new friends and friends from the research cruise.  We camped on empty beaches, swam with sea turtles and ate papayas until we were more than full.  We are both sorely missing fresh coconut water and the lack of hydration is not helping our quickly fading tans. 

Christmas at Canaan Farm

Since arriving back in Boston the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Bart and I both jumped right back into work-me at The Food Project and both of us at his family's farm.  Bart and his dad are running a small Christmas shop at the farm-wreathes, greens, trees, center pieces and lots and lots of bows.  I end most days at the farm-going there straight from work and squeezing in a yoga class or a run when I can.  Most nights end with us trying bows at home while we watch a movie or chat.  Sometimes I get to do yoga in the kitchen while Bart ties bow after bow after bow...

Hard work and long nights aside, we both really love the farm this time of year.  Our best friends are the tree slingers, wreath decorators and shop keeps.  Our loved ones who aren't working with us stop by with food and coffee, to pick up a tree or just say hi.  The smell of greens, hot cider and being surrounded by all of our dearest, makes us feel like its actually Christmas.  And because we don't have time to shop-the materialistic component is completely missing from our lives! 

Wrapping Up

Its been a busy few months and I'm looking forward to some downtime once that last tree is sold.  I'm ready to get the Feel Good. Food & Yoga logo out of my head and onto some paper, keep this blog updated, and experiment with some new recipes learned from Beatrix.  I'm also itching to teach some yoga classes (if you're interested, or know of a cool venue please email me!).

Happy holidays to you and yours.

lots of love.


Jun 11, 2012

That time of year....

That time of year....

when everything is starting to grow! The Food Project's Roxbury site is looking good.

May 22, 2012

Lots of DIRT love for Grace

Lots of DIRT love for Grace

Crazy to think that the first year of FoodCorps is winding down.  We still have a few months left with Grace, but with DIRT Crew graduating on June 2nd, the time for goodbyes (and lots of hugs) begins. 

May 15, 2012

Poppies & Mint...Summer's Nearly Here

I can't help but pick bouquets everywhere I go this time of year.  I love finding flowers and herbs where you would never expect them.  These petals were just too beautiful to cast aside after they dropped. Floating on water with a sprig of spearmint, they add a second "bouquet" to the kitchen.  

Team Meeting

Team Meeting

I always love working at The Food Project. There are some days that I am more aware of this than others. Today was one of those days.  This morning's team meeting consisted of planting, mulching and harvesting-followed by a lunchtime diversity discussion.  

Ginger Babies

Ginger Babies

First time planting ginger.