May 27, 2016


Today I dream a day

That is no better than the last

And no worse than tomorrow

Today it is just right.


Who knows

Today I dream a day

Where the air is clean

And heavy with a warmth

That washes over my dirt sprinkled toes

That walk the streets

In my noisy heart-and-crime filled neighborhood

Where vendors share their goods and smile

And bikes go missing.

Today my neighbor down the stairs drew a picture

Of our house filled with three families

Stacked a top each other.

He, with his four years, 

Understands this place the best.

Layers of people in one house

Who share smiles and guard bicycles

And overhear each other’s madness 

And love. 

Today was hot and sticky

And perfect.

My dark fur covered best friend

Lounged and sweltered

And survived the sun drenched parking lot 

To get to the dog park

To play

Today I dreamt a day 

That was filled with all the things that make a day

Like any other day


Who knows