May 27, 2016


Today I dream a day

That is no better than the last

And no worse than tomorrow

Today it is just right.


Who knows

Today I dream a day

Where the air is clean

And heavy with a warmth

That washes over my dirt sprinkled toes

That walk the streets

In my noisy heart-and-crime filled neighborhood

Where vendors share their goods and smile

And bikes go missing.

Today my neighbor down the stairs drew a picture

Of our house filled with three families

Stacked a top each other.

He, with his four years, 

Understands this place the best.

Layers of people in one house

Who share smiles and guard bicycles

And overhear each other’s madness 

And love. 

Today was hot and sticky

And perfect.

My dark fur covered best friend

Lounged and sweltered

And survived the sun drenched parking lot 

To get to the dog park

To play

Today I dreamt a day 

That was filled with all the things that make a day

Like any other day


Who knows

May 26, 2016


I want to wake up warm and barefoot
pad quietly into the world 
with clear eyes and excitement for a new day
surrounded by a family
not yet fully here
for whom my time comes first
as they begin their life that day
Me-able to give and take equally
support equally
all time, in all ways
Heart open
Brain sharp
Eyes clear
Body strong, 
with give
Here I am. 
Here we are.


May 15, 2012

Poppies & Mint...Summer's Nearly Here

I can't help but pick bouquets everywhere I go this time of year.  I love finding flowers and herbs where you would never expect them.  These petals were just too beautiful to cast aside after they dropped. Floating on water with a sprig of spearmint, they add a second "bouquet" to the kitchen.  

Mar 19, 2012

Especially in love with this weekend...

Not yet spring, but the weather is amazing.  On Friday Bart and I drove up to Portland, ME to see the Head and the Heart play.  We spent the night and the next day explored the shore with some friends.  Crawling sea side rocks in Cape Elizabeth was beautiful.  We made our way home in time to celebrate Bart receiving his official captain's license in the mail.  Hooray!! On Sunday we sailed from morning till night, from Ipswich to Lanesville to Plum Island, and back to Ipswich.  Picnic and good company included. The boat was built by our friend Zack, and he's been kind enough to take us adventuring in the recently warm weather.  Today we couldn't resist another boat ride, although just in the skiff, up to the beach.  Got in another picnic :).

Mar 9, 2012

Crazy For Pita

A photo essay about an afternoon, in a kitchen, with a side of homemade hummus.

Feb 6, 2012

A Not So Bad Weekend: Clams, Smelts & Wallace

Bart and I spent the weekend dogsitting Wallace.  We also managed to scrounge up some killer meals and get in some beach time. I don't think Wallace minded tagging along. 

Jan 12, 2012

First week of after school programming in Gloucester

Today completed the trial run of new curriculum developed for FoodCorps after school programming.  The activity, "Competition for Resources" was a relay style game where children (K-5) competed for limited amounts of sunlight, water and nutrients (represented by scraps of colorful paper).  Those who got enough sunlight were allowed to grow from seeds, to sprouts.  With enough water, they could become plants, and with enough nutrients, they grew branches and fruited.  The game piggy backed off of Tuesday's gardening experiment-planting radish seeds with varying degrees of space. One pot seeded with an entire seed packet, one pot with half a packet, and one pot with just five seeds.  What do plants need to grow, why do we remove weeds and what happens if seeds don't get everything they need?

Today was fun.  The kids were excited. Watching them run, scream, laugh and smile was refreshing.  It didn't feel like a classroom, and even though we were indoors, the activity had the feel of The Food Project-something special and sometimes tricky to obtain when we venture into new areas.