I began writing The Year Round Harvest in the early spring of 2011, at the time of year when farming in New England begins to pick up pace.  The timing was both good and bad. I spent my days on the farm or in the office, getting ready for a new season and a new batch of young people to teach at The Food Project. My nights were spent writing.  As the days grew warmer and my friends disapeared to boats and the beach, I worked on The Year-Round Harvest at my kitchen table. The solace this afforded me was a new and significant experience-tackling a project under my own discipline and being forced to thoroughly examine my own knowledge and gaps therein.   I leaned on the expertise of friends and colleagues and made at least one late night phone call to a cooworker with a question about lacto-fermentation. 

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From Sea Harvest, featured in Volume 7 of Kinfolk Magazine:

      "I learned to love both the procurement and the preparation of our food. A child of both the sun and the water, I understood innately that the places where these two elements come together are special.  It was clear to  me what the shoreline could provide, as long as you knew what to look for and where. Back home in our kitchen, my siblings and I would sit around the kitchen table and shuck cooked lobsters for the seafood pie we would eat that night.  Taught by our dad how to remove every last bit of flesh from even the tiniest crevices, we extracted meat with a precision and thoroughness worthy of a surgical team.  I've never lost this skill and my partner, Bart-a fisherman-claimes he knew he was in love the first time he watched me clean a lobster."

Kinfolk Magazine is available for purchase online at http://www.kinfolkmag.com/ as well as local coffee shops and at Anthropologie stores nation wide.

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